Wednesday, July 17, 2013

McCarthy's current positions on vaccines - from Rosie

I was asked to come up with McCarthy's most recent clear statement about vaccines. This is from 2011, but is the best response I could find in terms of her position on vaccines today. Anyone have anything directly from her (not her organization) that's more recent?


JM: “Some children can’t handle all those shots. We’re talking about those kids. We’re an intelligent group of parents that know that we need a vaccine schedule. But, we think it’s overloaded. In 1983, the shot schedule was 10. Now we’re up to 38. Do we need Hepatitis B on the first day in life? No! What we’re saying is let’s move it. Let’s test the kids who can’t these types of assaults so early in life. We need a Plan B schedule. Slow it down.”
Rosie: Because so often kids on the spectrum have compromised immune systems, they have problems gasto-intestanally, right?
JM: “There’s a lot of kids who can’t methylate, which is detox, which is what everyone figures that a body can do. So what winds up happening is they become, their immune systems become overloaded. And they develop seizures, like Evan did. So we’re protected those kids who can’t handle them.”
Rosie: And I think that that’s a very valid statement to make.
JM: Me too!
Rosie: But you see people getting really crazy! Black and white!
JM: That’s it, and they can’t differentiate, and it screws up what we’re really trying to do here, protect these kids.

One note to Rosie: If kids on the spectrum have compromised immune systems, then they need everyone else to get vaccinated.