Friday, July 3, 2015

ADA and Transit: Uber vs Taxis vs Google

Uber: The ADA doesn't apply to us.

Philly: We have wheelchair accessible taxi-cabs.

Google: Someday our accessible cars will just drive themselves and revolutionize accessibility for wheelchair users.

But not today. So right now, let's just push Uber to respect the ADA.

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Taxis For All Philadelphia said...

Thanks for sharing, David! The whole team at Taxis For All Philadelphia has been working hard and we're just getting started :)

Right now we're scheduled to have a total of 150 accessible cabs in Philadelphia - by the year 2021.

Thankfully, at this very moment Harrisburg is accepting public comments on pending regulation that would make Philadelphia the first city in America with a FULLY accessible, FULLY integrated taxicab fleet. You can help make that happen by sharing why accessible taxicabs matter to you and your community using the web form we made at

Thanks so much!
<3 with Liberty and Taxis for All!