Thursday, September 29, 2016

With/Out Discipline - Public Engagement and the PhD

I'm giving a talk at Western Michigan University today - With/Out Discipline - Public Engagement and the PhD.
In this talk, David explains how public engagement works in the modern media age, draws connections between his scholarship as a medievalist and his work as an activist/journalist, and argues that we need to find ways to support and protect academics who choose to participate in public discourse.
I did a lot of writing in The Chronicle and elsewhere for the first couple of years as I moved into public writing. When I put together this talk, I realized that I haven't done as much higher education writing lately, and certainly not work on public engagement. Thanks to my disability rights work, I've been busy just doing it, rather than theorizing about it. But I enjoyed getting back to that kind of writing for this talk, and especially reading the work of Jessie Daniels, Tressie McMillan Cottom, and others who think about this.

I'll post a few snippets from the talk tomorrow.

In the meantime, some of my writing on the subject, for anyone interested.
Key pieces
Other essays on public engagement for both individuals and institutions.
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